2Up 2Down

2Up 2Down

[one_half] 2Up  2Down is a major project by artist Jeanne van Heeswijk for Liverpool Biennial 2012 that proposes a new model of community-owned and people-centred regeneration.
We are working with members of the community in Anfield to reinstate the well-loved former Mitchell’s bakehouse as a shop, bakery, training kitchen and community hub, and have established Homebaked Community Land Trust to provide affordable housing by refurbishing empty homes in the area. The Anfield Home Tour, a “heritage” tour, which tells the story of local people’s experience of regeneration in their own works has been one of the resounding successes of this year’s festival.

Maria is the project producer, providing project management, community development, curatorial support and fundraising to 2Up 2Down on behalf of Liverpool Biennial.

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